Leaders in CFO search for Europe's VC tech ecosystem


Leaders in CFO search for Europe's VC tech ecosystem

For a VC-backed tech business, hiring the right CFO is critical.  A stellar CFO simply can be the difference between success and failure, between a great valuation and a superb valuation, between hyper growth and growth.
But finding the person with the right background, at the right time isn’t easy. What kind of experience should they have? Should they have led an exit before? Accountant, consultant or banker? Scale up or corporate? There is rarely a thematic, consistent answer. At Altima, we help founders decode these questions. We don’t take briefs, we shape briefs. 
Our specialism in our strength. We have helped some of Europe’s most disruptive tech businesses on their scale-up journeys through successful CFO hires. With an unparalleled CFO network and extensive knowledge of Europe’s tech ecosystem, we are in a unique position to guide founders and investors on the most critical hire they will ever make. 
But don’t take our word for it. Read instead what our clients say.

Why Altima ?

Some people assume that hiring a CFO is pretty straightforward. We disagree.  There are many nuances to the role, particularly in a hyper-agile ecosystem that moves extremely fast, one that has unique cultural and operational traits.
Unlike other search firms, we don’t respond to a given brief. Instead, we work with our clients to decode their business need and find the right partner. For us, each search is unique, and follows a proven methodology that is tailored every step of the way. We don’t do ‘cookie-cutting’. The CFO seat in a scale-up is never “cookie cutting”.
Integrity and openness define who we are.  We build solid relationships and over the years, have gained the implicit trust of our network. This means we can see opportunities others can’t see,  and make connections other can’t make. 
Our focus is on long-term impact rather than short-term gain. We are very aware of the implications our work can have in the tech industry as a whole, as successful founders in time become investors that help others on the way up. It’s a positive cycle we are proud to be part of, and one that drives us to deliver, every day. 

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